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Home Inspector Testimonials

"Like others I was a little hesitant to spend the money for a listing. I had heard from several other online listing companies who stated that they were the biggest, best, most highly ranked sites around. Yet when I went looking for them they were always (and still are) either at the bottom of the Google page, on page two or even worse on a page after that. I can type in my county, several different cities or zip codes in my area, and your company is right at the top or very near it. Your service has paid for itself many times over; in fact it now provides over half of my online referrals. Service is very prompt and professional. When June rolls around again I will be renewing my listing."

Andrew Way
Keystone Residential Inspection Services PLLC - Texas
(817) 441-9598

Directory Member since 6-28-2005

"Gerry, your site has been an invaluable online marketing tool for our company. Our Scheduling Manager reports that we receive several leads from the site each week and many result in completed inspections. Your creativity, IT knowledge and fast response to all our questions add up to excellent advertising to prospective clients."

Brian Koepf
Brian Koepf & Associates, Inc. - Maryland
(703) 716-1100

Directory Member since 5-18-2004

"Gerry, this month was the best ever with respect to "Sales" from your sites. I booked 4 inspections for a total of $830."

Charlie Hunter
K&I Property Inspections - Kentucky
(502) 640-4005

Directory Member since 9-06-2002

"Iíve had my listing with you for less than 24 hours and just booked my 1st inspection off your site. Signing up with you was money well spent."

Thomas Hauswirth
Beacon Fine Home Inspections, LLC - Connecticut
(860) 526-3355

Directory Member since 5-27-2004

"Thank you very much for your prompt service. I have been listed on your site for less than a day, and I already booked an inspection. I have already earned back the investment in advertising with this site."

Kevin Richardson
Richardson Home Inspections, LLC - Maryland
(301) 942-4610

Directory Member since 3-24-2004

"The amount of business I have gotten from the listing on your site has been nothing short of outstanding!!! I wasn't sure what to expect at first but the work I have received from the site has paid for my listing many times over. Thanks for putting together such a great resource for both home inspectors and the consumers."

Nick Ostrowski
Strong Foundations Home Inspections - Pennsylvania
(610) 792-9498

Directory Member since 6-01-2003

"When I first heard of your service, I was hesitant to sign up thinking I would be sorry for wasting my time and money, now I'm sorry I didn't sign up sooner. I took a premium listing and am amazed at how many jobs I have received. Thanks for all your help and excellent service."

Bob Wills
BW Inspection Services - Pennsylvania
(215) 891-1482

Directory Member since 5-15-2003

"As a new inspector starting out in the fall (slow season) I was expecting a slow start. Much to my surprise I've been fairly busy. I've booked several jobs a month through your web sites. Many of my customers link through your web site listings to my own web site. I can track this at my web site. Your cost to list was paid for before the first month was done. Thanks again."

Neal Gifford
Gifford Home Inspection - Massachusetts
(413) 774-2662

Directory Member since 11-04-2003

"Gerry, quite simply, I would like to thank you sincerely for your outstanding internet web page. I was told, and knew it, I would get some referrals from your website. And I did it. First month was such a commencement stage of going thru your system. And now, all the referrals are hailing on my e-mail address. Many of them have been already scheduled and performed. Keep up the good work. You have my best wishes."

Omer Zeyrek
National Property Inspections Miami Florida - Florida
(305) 408-6674

Directory Member since 8-25-2003

"Your site has been wonderful for my business. I got my first inspection one day after signing up with you. I consistently receive requests on a monthly basis, both from locals looking for inspectors, and also from out of town customers moving to the area. I am pleased with the percentage I am closing and did not hestitate to renew. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Bill Siegel
Florida Home Inspection Team, Inc. - Florida
(305) 430-8800

Directory Member since 11-20-2002

"As I renew your service, I would like to relate my decision to continue with your directories, while I am dropping other non-effective contributors to my marketing plan. Your on-line referal service has proven to be my most cost effective subscription marketing aid."

Dick Seay
Seay-Inspections.com - California
(949) 716-0934

Directory Member since 9-21-2002

"Your websites have been a great addition to my company, along with giving me great exposure, my sales have increased 25% in just 1 month. Thank you for providing this service."

Tony Palazzolo
Private I Home Inspections - Illinois
(630) 669-9797

Directory Member since 5-10-2003

"Home Inspection Directory Corp. has displayed outstanding service and is definitely a Leader not a Follower in the home inspection marketing industry. The President and all the employees we have dealt with have always treated us with four star service. By our company using this service, we have found a niche in market that we probably would have never even known had existed. Thank you for establishing a service that has benefited us and the home buyers/sellers."

Rob Koncius
High Point Inspections, Inc. - Illinois

Directory Member since 3-06-2003

"I have listed my company on your website since August 2002. You have exceeded my expectations. I have recently discovered the value of internet advertising versus yellow pages. I keep records as to the "source" of my inspection inquiries. I see that more and more of my business is coming from the internet rather than the yellow pages, and a great majority of those jobs are a result of my listings on your websites. Keep up the good work and I intend to expand my listings to other zip codes within my inspection territory."

Eric Pense
(773) 468-7325

Directory Member since 8-23-2002

"I signed up for your service around 2 weeks ago. Within two weeks I have received 6 calls for quotes. I never thought it would do this for my company so fast. I am also with another find an inspector site and have been with them for around 4 weeks now and have not received not 1 call from that site yet. We are a company with very little start up funds and had to spend our money carefully, at first I didn't want to do it but I talked myself into it. It was the best money I have ever spent in order to make money. Thank you for all your help."

Jerry Cook
A-Pro Guaranteed Home Inspections - Florida
(772) 528-0873

Directory Member since 5-25-2003

"We resisted listing with your directory, but once we decided to give it a try, we were very pleased with the results - "Successful beyond our expectations" - Thank you!"

Janice & Bill McKelvey
Able Inspections, Inc. - Pennsylvania
(215) 741-4278

Directory Member since 5-21-2001

"We want to say thank you to Gerry at Home Inspection Directory Corporation. We looked at many different advertising options for our inspection business. We had a limited budget and we wanted effective advertising. We got on-line with you and within 2 days it had paid for itself. Your sites continue to be our BEST source of referrals. Gerry provides excellent and timely customer service to our company whenever the need arises. Thank you."

Remi Briand
Beacon Inspection Service - Pennsylvania

Directory Member since 10-04-2002

"Gerry, this is most definitely the absolute best site on the web for anyone looking to advertise their home inspection business....hands down. Our company is most definitely pleased with you and your cutting edge service. Sincerely & thank you."

Lance Baier
United Home Inspections, LLC - Connecticut
(860) 677-7771

Directory Member since 11-27-2002

"Gerry, Thanks for the report and I gotta tell you, subscribing to your service is the best advertising money I've ever spent! I do get a lot of price shoppers, but I've been booking four or five jobs a month consistantly since my listing has appeared on your websites."

Jeff Zurawski
Suburban Building Inspections - Illinois
(630) 434-0146

Directory Member since 1-21-2003

"I want to say that your web site service has provided and generated me multiple leads and work that keeps my company growing! I started my own business under this new name even though I have been an inspector long term. I recommend this service to all inspectors that want to help their company grow. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Steve Atchison
Heartland Home Inspections - Virginia
(703) 728-2938

Directory Member since 8-14-2002

"It's hard to believe but within 24 hours of listing my company with your directories I received not one, but TWO calls requesting my services! I only wish I'd listed with you sooner. Signing up is fast and convenient and the support and follow-through are exceptional."

Ken Sykes
(603) 366-2103

Directory Member since 9-24-2002

"Just want to let you know how pleased we are with your websites. We have received many emails and phone calls, and business has certainly increased! Your websites are certainly reaching many people. Thanks!"

Thomas Wanchison
Reliable Home Inspection Service, Inc. - New Jersey
(973) 238-1906

Directory Member since 2-05-2002

"Just wanted to tell you how happy and satisfied I am with using your service. From the very first day I signed up, I have continuously received customers. Your websites have helped my company grow and I am very grateful and will always be a customer. Best money I've spent so far on my business."

John C. Zabala
J & P Home Inspection Services - New York
(718) 359-7643

Directory Member since 8-15-2001

"We at Advantek Home Inspections L.L.C. are extremely pleased with the professionalism, organization and results we have experienced since joining your service. Gerry Lortie's continuing diligence to his high quality information site shows true dedication to his clients, as well as the public. The detailed monthly tracking statements we receive make it simple for us to see how well his site is working for us. With the wide exposure that you have given us we have significantly and consistently increased our business. We consider your service an invaluable business tool, at an affordable price, that we are proud to be a part of."

Ed & Angela de la Rocha
Advantek Home Inspections L.L.C. - Virginia
(703) 406-1346

Directory Member since 10-21-2001

"My name is Rich Albert I am a Home Inspector in Connecticut a very competitive market. I became an Inspector full time Three years ago. In the beginning I advertised like everybody else connecting with Realtors, and networking. Works good but time consuming then I advertised in the yellow pages in two phonebooks expensive, and really not getting the results I expected. I've been using your service now for two months and right away I received Emails for quotes. I landed a few and know I am learning how to connect with people in a different way and I am getting better results. The only thing I have to do is check my Email more often. The bottom line is more exposure, with less effort, for less money."

Rich Albert
Albert's Home Inspection, LLC - Connecticut
(860) 582-0303

Directory Member since 1-29-2002

"I would like to let you know that I am very happy with your service. I get about 60% of my business from your site. I am finding it very helpful. You are great to do business with. Thank you."

Terry Blumberg
Terry Blumberg The House Inspector - Michigan
(734) 981-1076

Directory Member since 10-11-2000

"I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your site. I contacted you on Tuesday evening and I was added to your site on Wednesday. I received 2 calls the first 3 days and booked both for inspections. I have referred this service to my brother in-law, who has an inspection business. I have gotten a better response from your site than my own regular web site. The $250 you charged for your services is well worth it. 1 inspection pays for the whole year. Thanks again."

Michael Dominianni
Cornerstone Home Inspection - New Jersey
(908) 604-1000

Directory Member since 11-28-2001

"Hi, My name is Joe Mitchem with The Home Inspection Inspection Connection. I just want everyone out there to know how happy I am with your service. I signed up on a Friday, got my first call on Saturday, and did my first inspection (from this ad) on Sunday in San Francisco. Since then, just in the last few months, I've received at least 20 calls which turned into inspections. If you want to verify this statement please call me. Thanks Gerry for doing such a great job for us."

Joe Mitchem
The Home Inspection Connection - Michigan

Directory Member since 4-26-2001

"I was initially hesitant to sign onto a service that I was unfamiliar with. I had tried other marketing services that never paid for themselves and I was quite disappointed. The day after I sent my information in, I received my first call and inspection. That inspection paid for the yearly fee. Your advertising works."

Robert Tarquinio P.E.
Parkview Consulting, Inc. - Professional Engineers - New Hampshire

Directory Member since 6-05-2001

"Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the great site. Calls are steady and all say how helpful the links are."

Mike Picarello
The Michael A. Picarello Company - Maryland
(410) 329-6530

Directory Member since 10-14-1999

"I received my first web referral from your service and booked an inspection on the second day my site was listed with you."

Steve Zivolich
Guaranteed Property Inspection & Mold Investigation, Inc. - California
1-888 252-2274

Directory Member since 2-23-2000

"I would like to thank you for the fine service your company provides. There is not a week that goes by that one of my clients does not tell me they found me on your home inspector directory. The site has paid for itself the first week it was up and running! So thanks again and keep up the good work."

Bob Dattilo
RJD Home & Property Inspections - Connecticut
(860) 283-8600

Directory Member since 9-29-1999

"Best $250 I ever spent on advertising. My first inspection came in about 4 days after I put my listing on your site. Not only is the site done well, but the friendliness and helpfulness of the support staff can't be beat!"

Paul Rogoshewski
Harmony Home Inspection - Massachusetts
(978) 568-8100

Directory Member since 3-03-2000

"Home Inspection Directory Corp. has been a nice surprise over the last year. I receive more responses than I had expected and they work hard to generate sales for inspectors."

David J. Polo
Polo & Associates Home Inspections - New Jersey

Directory Member since 1-14-2000

"We have been on your websites for 1 1/2 weeks now and have received 2 prospects in just 11 days!! This type of response was welcomed and unexpected. We never thought that Web advertising was for us, well Home Inspection Directory Corp. proved us wrong. This is the best advertising dollars spent to date."

Ziadeh B. Jacob
Jersey Shore Home Inspection, Inc. - New Jersey
(732) 899-1220

Directory Member since 1-12-2001

"I wanted to take a moment out of my busy day and express my gratitude to you and the team at Home Inspection Directory Corp. After doing a random survey of ten other inspection companies that use the service, I decided to give it a try last year. I saw immediate results, with three bookings my first month of service. My best results have come from being able to link your service back to my web page. For the low cost of investment my results have been outstanding. One comment I received often was how many people were at work and preferred looking at the web sites for information, instead of calling and asking for it. In closing I appreciate the monthly totals I receive telling me the number of "hits" to my listing, so I may keep track of the interest in my company. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to updating you on my continued growth."

Jerry Drolet
West Home Inspections - Texas
(281) 855-8195

Directory Member since 1-06-2000

"Your web sites give me the same amount of jobs as my Yellow Page ads do, for a lot less money. Keep up the good work."

Joseph Bates
OmniSpect - New Hampshire

Directory Member since 8-01-1999

"I just wanted to thank you for the great work in providing consumers access to our services. You definitely have an excellent site that is not only informative with information on various topics, but also provides a great reference for consumers to shop with. I have gotten many leads by your site and would like to express my appreciation. Thanks and keep up the great work."

Ed Schluth
InSight Home Inspections / Radon Remediation - Pennsylvania
(215) 674-1808

Directory Member since 11-07-2000

"I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how satisfied I am with my listing on your Internet sites. I am glad I found out about it through your mailing. I realize there are a great number of hits, but I manage to get work from it regularly. It's always a numbers game. I am also pleased that you increased the number of ways to get to me. The more exposure the better. I also like your new format, now I can tell the prospective buyer where to go for additional information. Thanks again."

Michael Falcone
MAC Shamrock Home Inspections, Inc. - New Jersey
(201) 488-8313

Directory Member since 1-08-2000

"We are very happy with the services that your websites have provided us. We are amazed at how many clients say they found us on one of your websites. This is the best investment and the most cost-effective advertising we have done."

The Staff
HomeQuest Consultants, Inc. - Massachusetts

Directory Member since 3-31-2000

"One of the best business decisions I have made is to list my company on the Internet with you. The response is terrific, I get about 4 to 6 calls a week just from this source alone. I have renewed my listing for another year and am looking forward to even greater response."

Ken DeFelice
Technical Home Inspection Services, LLC - Pennsylvania
(570) 223-2770

Directory Member since 3-16-2000

"I have been using your service for about a month. Although it is often difficult to get feedback from a client as to what website on the internet they used in their search, I have three home inspections which can be attributed to your websites. I find that your presentation of listing data is very informative, so clients know what the company's capabilities are. When a client calls and I begin my telephone marketing speech, the client's response is, "I know that, I read it on the website". Keep up the good work and keep those clients calling for inspections."

Fred Macli
Macli Inspection Services - New York
(718) 829-0608

Directory Member since 2-22-2001

"I want to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the excellent results I have experienced this past year as a result of the leads and referrals I have received from your company. Without doubt and beyond question, the opportunity and services you offer have proven to be an exceptional business builder for my company. I wish you and your staff continued success. You are providing an excellent service to the home buying public as well as providing an enormous opportunity for the independent small business community of Home Inspection professionals."

John Walsh
Cardinal Home Inspection, LLC - New Jersey
(201) 493-1181

Directory Member since 3-13-2000

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